Wedding Award

in 2019 - 2023

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About Us

The musicians in The Clover have extensive performing experience. Our huge repertoire accommodates a wide variety of preferences and requests, covering many styles from Jazz, Latin & Fusion to Blues, Pop & Rock. Members of The Clover have a diverse musical background and play instruments at a professional level. All musicians were formally trained from well-known music academy around the world and also experienced in music teaching.

婚禮的現場音樂,對每名賓客也有直接影響,新人藉著安排的旋律,不著痕跡地深深觸動每個人內心。為此The Clover希望以豐富的音樂表演經驗,涵蓋爵士、拉丁、Fusion、藍調、Swing與古典音樂等範疇,讓新人夢想中的婚禮氣氛,能藉著專業呈獻最佳效果的現場音樂實現。