Kylie Chow (Bassist & Vocalist)


Kylie Chow (Bassist, Bandleader, Live music producer, Vocal, Bass tutor)

Kylie Chow is a full-time bass tutor ,musician and graphic designer. She has a great deal of experience in live music performances involving different musical styles. Recently, she has performed in various high profile occasions including the 100th Anniversary of Hong Kong Tennis Association, the Studiodanz Showcase 2010 organized by the famous dance academy Studiodanz. She was also the music producer for the drama group KJF. As a music producer Kylie chose and produced the background music and soundtrack for the plays.

In between 2008 and 2010, Kylie lived in Singapore during which time she played with different bands and musicians.

Since coming back to Hong Kong, she has received requests from many local famous artists for her services as a bass player/vocal in live shows such as Teddy Robin (泰迪羅賓), Joey Tang (鄧建明) …etc. Meanwhile, she has been invited by Tommy Chung, a local top Blues guitar player, to join his band. Kylie is the bassist of Logo (a local British band)and ex bassist of the French band dr. egg.

In March 2017, the band AFTER AFTER PARTY (AAP) was invited to open for Le Femme from France during their concert in Hong Kong. Kylie was on bass and vocal with AAP on the occassion.

Kylie is currently the band leader of the clover band as well as the house band of IT Mondena, which is one of the longest running (for almost 20 years) local live pop rock music venues in Hong Kong.

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